Chapter History

In 1975 two Buick enthusiasts in Marshalltown, Iowa, Bill Hill (BCA #926) and Pat Brooks (BCA #3939 thought it would be a good idea to sponsor a gathering of Buick people in central Iowa. Pat had just purchased a 1937 Buick and Bill had been a collector for some time. They notified a few dozen people in the central Iowa area who were known to be interested in BUICKS and invited them to Marshalltown on Saturday, September 28.

Interest grew as a result of that meeting, which included approximately 10 people, a 1931 and a 1941 BUICK, according to Pat’s report in the 1975 Bugle. In addition the Barquist’s 1948 Super and Tom Crooks 1949-76R were shown. Several of those who attended and others took steps to formally create an organization in Iowa and register it with the Buick Club of America, a process that required the signatures of 10 people. Ten Buick owners submitted the application in October 1975, the April 1976 Bugle states that the September 1975 meeting was the first chapter meeting.

Bill Hill suggested the name “Hawkeye Chapter” because Iowa is known to many as the Hawkeye State.
Pat Brooks says “everyone knows where a Hawkeye is from”

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